Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lovely Baby

I don't usually do this, but I need to gush over my 9 month-old.  She is a lovely human being. 

Here she is:

She's a gentle, tiny little girl.  She smiles at everything.  She loves attention, but will happily chew or fiddle with anything she can get her hands only, and is surprisingly deft with those pixie hands:  I'm not sure I remember the other girls grasping things with their thumbs and index fingers as early as Corinne.  I do know that both of them had strong opinions about certain things; Corinne appears to have that kind of opinion only about her parents staying in the same room as her.

If you pay attention long enough, she will gladly cycle through all of her tricks.  Clapping with a baby "hooray" (sort of an "aaaaaaaa" with a toothless grin), shaking her hands, and shaking her head "no" (especially if she hears the word "no") serve as her bread and butter, but she has others.  She'll cough, raz, or na-na-na at you to get your attention.  She recently seems to have picked up the "more" sign, but is unsure if she should shake her hands or clap to signify "more."

Beth especially loves Corinne's spaghetti-sauce-covered-hands-in-the-hair trick, usually done to acknowledge that she knows the word "hair."  My personal favorite?  Her astounding typing skills. Like most babies who have sat with parents at a computer, she has become an accomplished stomp typist.  Equally impressive are her feats of legerdemain, which are part head fake (Kobe's head fake) and part excellent timing.  Her best came last month.  After trying to grab her be-cereal-ed spoon from Beth (twice), Corinne opened her mouth, and, with spoon almost in mouth (and Beth persuaded that eating was priority #1), she clapped at spoon and goo with both hands, creating a small mushroom cloud of...well, goo.

She thinks she's a daredevil.  With her Mom or Dad holding her, she'll throw herself backwards to see what's behind her, consequences be damned. "Gravity, come and get me!"  And fearless!  In the face of elemental fury, she sits unblinkingly as water pours over her face as she bathes, and she grins when her sisters blow air in her face.  Intrepid, unaccommodated baby!  But, at the end of the day, she's a sensitive girl.  She'll lay her head on my chest and just be cuddled, and make ah, ah, baby noises.

I am beginning to understand why people have 8 kids.  But we're done, despite the presence of this angel.  Lovely baby.

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  1. I completely understand! Dan and I have been discussing the fact that we no longer have a baby - as Emily is only to EAGER to tell us. We have both recently gotten far enough past those days to actually start missing them. Still, as you say, we are DONE - the decision having been made in more clearheaded times.


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