Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fix You


Beth and I love this song.  I know, for those beating the testosterone drum, Chris Martin doesn't rock Standard Male Ideal #104, but there's something haunting about his voice and music.  But this song ...

I've read that Martin wrote the song for his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, who was suffering in the wake of the death of her father.  The essence of another person grieving, and another being just being there, is woven into that song;  I can taste and smell it, and squeeze it through my fingers.

Today, I saw a family today whose infant has a concerning diagnosis.  Looming over him is a shadowy unknown that I am trying to pierce, but, ultimately, only the passage of time can tug that veil loose.  Until recently, the appointments with them, in my mind's eye ... the two of them are suspended by strings composed of this song, and there's that sense of angst within an embrace as they try to forge on despite not knowing what lies ahead for their child.

I earnestly believe they are ok because they have fixed each other, and I feel the strength of their young marriage shining softly.  Together, they will cope.  I am their child's doctor, but only inner circle, or inner heart, people can hold their hands, help them along, or carry them down the road to which I have guided them.

"Lights will guide you home."

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